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Double Click Here... was originally co-founded by JW Davis 
and Martin 'Bob' Metzger as the Kentucky Lake Economic Development Council 
in Aurora, Kentucky in Marshall County. grew up and out of this organization on 
May 1, 2014.  If you’re looking for an organization that addresses economic issues, practices and implements economic education solutions & strategies, in addition to fighting for, promoting, recommending, and supporting common, mutual and united Economic Opportunities for businesses, communities, neighborhoods and ALL individuals, we are glad you came here!  Our consulting organization will give you 
the attention and personal service you come to expect and enjoy to help you achieve 
the Economic Opportunities in today's dynamic Economic Development world.  We offer some of the best idea's in Economic Development Revitalization Strategies, Opportunities, and Solutions for Business, Community, Organizational
 and Personal success for the 21st century! 

Let us put our experience to work for you to help you reach your financial goals!
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JW Davis
Founder /President

As I mentioned on our opening page, our organization 
is here to address many related economic issues 
and to educate, practice, support and implement 
economic solutions & strategies.  

We continue to promote and recommend, common, mutual and united Economic Opportunities for businesses, communities, neighborhoods and individuals from every walk of life. That is what we are all about and the main reason why we 
exist here at!  

We continue to strive to bring attention to the issues, strategies 
and solutions as well as educate everyone on how to achieve 
the many unending Economic Opportunities in today's dynamic financial world. We offer some of the best idea's in Economic Development, Revitalization Strategies, Economic Opportunities, 
and Solutions for Businesses, Communities, Organizations and individual personal success for the 21st century.

Let us educate and help you on the issues, strategies 
and solutions that could very well work for you to
 help you reach your financial goals!

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​JW Davis was an Engineering Administrator for a major Detroit area automotive supplier for over 23 years.

In 2009, he founded the West Kentucky Real Estate Investment Association (WKREIA) in Murray, Kentucky.  He was Operations Director in charge of Planning, Administration, Marketing & Advertising for the group.  The Chairman of the Association was Gregory Taylor, a Murray, Kentucky Real Estate Attorney and Realtor.  He is a Professor at Murray State University.  The group met once a month at Murray State University. 

JW was Chairman in 2009, 2010 & 2011of the Aurora Country Festival & Parade each fall for the Jonathan Aurora Action Committee, an Aurora, Kentucky business owners association.  He was in charge of Planning, Organizing, Marketing and Advertising the Festival and Parade.  

JW was the founder of the Marshall County Farmers Market at the Aurora Visitors Center in Aurora, Kentucky every Saturday during the summer.  He was instrumental in bringing together local farmers and vendors in addition to advertising, marketing and promoting the market.

He holds a Real Estate Certificate of Achievement from the Whitney Education Group at the Russ Whitney Real Estate Academy. He also holds Real Estate Certificate's in Real Estate Wholesale Buying, and U.S. Tax Lien and Deeds from the Academy.  

He is a member of the Harbors - South Leadership Council, Pasco County, Florida.  This organization is a community planning development team created by Pasco County Commissioner Kathryn Starkey, working with a diverse group of participants including residents, business owners, County and City officials and regional government representatives to create a realistic plan that is reflective of the community's interests and aspirations.

JW is a trained Fire Fighter and Emergency First Responder  and member with the South Marshall Fire Department in Marshall County, Kentucky.

He is a member and Emergency First Responder with the Community Emergency Response Team, C.E.R.T. in Pasco County, Florida.

He is the Chairman ProTem of the Pasco Rebuilds Organization  in Pasco County, Florida.  Pasco Rebuilds is a Long Term Disaster Recovery Coalition to help local citizens and businesses recover from hurricanes and other natural disasters. He has had extensive training in disaster recovery issues, strategies and solutions.

He is a firm believer in researching, developing and implementing Economic Development strategies and solutions for financial development. "It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that positive Economic Development choices benefits everyone involved in fantastic and dynamic ways", he said.  "Our goal here at is to address economic issues, present and put in motion strategies, solutions and events for bringing economic development ideas to the consumer market.  We feel privileged to be involved with and to participate with the idea to help those with economic ideas reap financial rewards they can be proud to be a part of for the 21st century", he said.  "My intent when I founded this company was to be a leader in bringing economic advantage and opportunities with strategies and solutions to the individuals we can help and to use our consulting services to spur economic growth beyond anyone's wildest dreams", Davis said. 

" I am honored and privileged to know each and every member of our Mastermind Advisors Team here.  They are some of the best people, individuals, business owners and community leaders I have ever known and privileged to work with", says Davis.

Please feel free to contact me here at to discuss how we can help you achieve some of the most awesome economic development changes in your life that can return some of the best financial rewards for  your personal and business needs. Self-education is one of the quickest ways for you as an individual to get to the top.  This includes our team of Economic Masterminds to help you with your project and 
assure your success in any way we can as well!

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We Welcome You!

JW Davis